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Shri Parshwa Polymers provides all types of disposable glasses, Cups, glasses, Sweet Boxes, Dokhla Tray, Round Container, 8- portion Tray, 5- Portion Tray, 2- portion Tray Etc.

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Shri Parshwa Polymers

Shri Parshwa Polymers promotes a wide range of cup, tray and meal tray sealing machine which is widely used in the Hotel, Restaurants, Take Away joints, Juice points, back end kitchen for organized and modern food retail outlets, bakeries. We specialize in supplying meal tray sealing machines suitable for wide range for cups, plastic glass, bowls, Trays, Meal tray, partition trays and customized rigid containers. The table top manual meal tray sealing machine are compact, easy to maintain, easy to use, low power consuming which deliver perfect meal tray sealing with roll fed laminated film. We also offer Semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic meal tray sealing machine for higher output requirements for food factories. We are offering our high quality wide range of meal tray sealing machines to South India region including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. We offer and supply a wide range of manual meal tray sealing machine suitable for sealing Meal Trays available for different partitions or inter cavities as standard models for 5 and 8 partition meal tray sealing machine. This meal tray packaging machine is most suited for hotels, restaurants and take-away outlets to pack cooked food products in Meal Trays and can be used in the sealing machine.

Variety of Meal Tray Sealing Machines

5 and 8 Portion Meal Tray Sealing Machine

5 cp meal tray

Meal Tray Jacket and Packing Roll (Printed / Non Printed)

Meal Tray Jacket for Adorable Packing

Rectangular and Round Tray Sealing Machine

Rectangular and Round Tray Sealing Machine

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